Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Birthday from Hell

A Birthday from Hell?  Well, not quite, but that is what my husband called it. It was the day I turned 65 – and officially became a pensioner and retiree – a reason to celebrate!  The morning started out great, with my husband serenading me with “Happy birthday to you” and us having a nice breakfast together.

But the enjoyment did not last. Living in Nova Scotia, February is not a kind month. As per weather prediction, it started out snowing, then switched to rain – a lot of rain – and very strong wind. 

I thought I’d get some exercise before the rain came, got on my snow shoes on and went down the path to pick up the mail. As I approached the car, I saw the one of the tires was totally flat. We live some 40 km out of town, on a gravel road that turns into a sheet of ice when it rains. So how will we fix this flat tire, with no means of getting into town to get it fixed? While there is a small emergency tire in the trunk, we were advised by a friend that given the very messy road conditions, it would not be safe to use that tire.  We’ll have to rely on the kindness of neighbours.  This saga will continue after the weekend.

When the rain came, it poured, and not just outside. Our porch, which, granted, is getting old, started leaking like a sieve. I had to gather whatever containers I could find, to catch the drips and periodically empty them, as they were filling fast. Our dog, Lucy, has excellent bladder control and refused to go outside. Molly, the cat, ditto.

My mother called from Brazil to congratulate me, but did not have otherwise good news, as they need to find a nursing aide to assist in the care of her 92-year old sister, but cannot find an appropriate person. So my mother, who is 89, thinks she may have to play nurse. It cannot work.

Then my husband, who has not been feeling well for the past week or two, told me that he has developed more symptoms, indicative of liver/gallbladder problems. My guess is that he’ll need surgery. 

And lastly, my daughter just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. She is moving out of their joint flat and temporarily moving into a small room at a girlfriend’s flat. She'll have to start looking for a flat. Living in London is awfully expensive, and it is hard to find a nice place. 

So, upheavals wherever I look. And not much I can do anywhere. Truly a birthday to remember!

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